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1. It has been a marathon of a week. I have a distant memory of having time to browse the news (or Pinterest…) at work, but no longer. I am B.U.S.Y. Glass half full? I am becoming a better multi-tasker by leaps and bounds.

2. In other news, my favorite city is in bloom (see above). All you have to do is check out this blog for the evidence. Also. HOW STINKIN CUTE are her kiddos?! I die.

3. Brian is racing in the MS 150 this weekend! That’s right: he will be biking one hundred fifty MILES. Um, wow. I am so impressed and so proud!

4. Tonight, for Brian’s pre-race meal,  we are going to our new favorite Italian restaurant: Terillis. Between the rooftop patio, the delicious cocktails + entrees, and the live music, this place is a must-try. Also, it’s in our neighborhood. #win-win

5. And in honor of her thirtieth birthday, my blog crush of the week (actually, the FIRST blog I crushed on): Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily’s pictures and prose are beautifully done and inspiring. She is a modern-day Martha Stewart and her blog (and book!) provide great ideas on everything from home decor, to delicious recipes, to entertaining and finally, fashion trends. I love it.

6. And speaking of recipes…I have actually been in the kitchen much more as of late, and loving it. My confidence is growing, and along with it, my tastes are developing. I am now able to look at and choose recipes based on what and how I like to cook. I am learning, and it’s fun!

7. The irony in my recent penchant for cooking is that I have been absolutely horrible about taking pictures for my blog. Soooo, I guess you are just going to have to take my word for it, and try this pizza that I made for some friends this week. It is SO delicious, refreshing, and summer-y. Promise.

8. Happy Weekending! Hope you enjoy some outdoor living and some laughter as well. xo


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Becca Tochman

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