delighted: it’s the weekend!

1. Three cheers for Friday! And the first day of Summer! So excited to see you again, my favorite day (and season)! And speaking of favorites…was beyond happy to be able to have not one but two catch up phone dates with dear friends this week! Though distance separates us, there is nothing like catching up with someone you love dearly, and picking up right where you left off.

2. It has been a b-u-s-y week. Oy. Work is getting the best of me, but my ever so patient and helpful husband has been coming to my rescue–a lot. We have been having lots of excel dates this week (hello, vlookup!). And I must admit, even though I often feel allergic to all things numbers and formulas…excel has a certain appeal when it magically populates data for you. Um, nerd alert?

3. Enough about work. This weekend marks my Mama’s birthday and I am just so excited to celebrate this special lady in my life. She is a tremendous woman of faith, family, integrity, generosity and love and I am beyond blessed to call her my mom. #loveyoumamoo

4. Blog crush of the week: Spoon Fork Bacon because, I mean, even if you do not like to be in the kitchen, how AMAZING are these pictures?!? This blog is so visually inspiring I can’t help but love every recipe. The above picture just makes me want to nosh on squash (lol, rhymed!). What is that?!

5. A week from today Brian and I are headed to the Mitten (a Michigander term) for a week-long vacation, anniversary celebration, and family get together on the Tochman side. I can’t wait! As much as I am a beach girl through and through, there is nothing quite like the pristine blue skies, vividly green rolling hills and weathered red barns along the road that make Michigan utterly American and perfect for a summer escape.

6. And did you catch that little tidbit? Brian and I are about to celebrate TWO YEARS. I just love him more each day. It’s true. #sappyandsincere

7. I made this again this week, this time for my mom and sister. Brian was also in the kitchen cooking up his own concoction….topped with mushroom and pepperoni. I truly love when we are both in the kitchen together, working as a team. Also, I can not say enough good things about that pizza; it tastes like summer with every bite!

8. My favorite holiday is nearly upon us! I love, love, love the Fourth of July and celebrating our Country, our Freedom, and our service men and women who continue to ensure and protect it. God Bless America! And have a very happy weekend. xo


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Becca Tochman

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