to chop or not

i have always loved long hair, but have long loved change even more. i’ve been known to impulsively chop my hair off, dye it blonde, or even give it an at-home perm (in high school) without having a second thought. it’s safe to say that i do not hold too much value in keeping things at status quo. that said, this time around i have been rather hesitant to take the plunge and chop it off.  call it my quarter life crisis, but for some reason, this time the decision seem different; final. i always thought i’d keep my hair shorter once i have children (no rationale behind this, just my assumption) and chopping it off at the stage of life seems like a step in that direction. but no. this post is not an announcement of any kind. recently, though, i have been inspired by some of my favorite bloggers who have opted to cut their hair–molly, julia, naomi and emily all look amazing with their new do’s and i can’t help but think of the styling time saver it must be to take those inches off. so here i am trying to decide if i should chop it off or not. i do know one thing, though, thanks to mary’s post about braids–if i do cut my hair, i will be heading to dear clark to get the job done (and maybe get a lovely braid after the fact). what do you think? do you have a tried and true style, or do you switch it up? i’d love to know.


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Becca Tochman


  1. I chopped off my long locks just about a year ago, and I regretted it after one month. If you like to have options with your hair (i.e. curls, putting it up, braids, etc) I would NOT chop it. Julia of Gal Meets Glam is really the only blogger I’ve seen to manage the short cut really well and work a variety of styles with it. I bet you’ll look great though! Just make sure you’ll want it short for a while, because it took me a year to grow it back!

    The Style Scribe

    • Thank you, Merritt! And good point, I think I should “start small” with a couple of inches and live with that for a while to see how I like it. I always love how yours looks–and you can definitely pull off both long and short styles beautifully!

  2. Hi Becca –

    We’d love to help you out at Dear Clark…yes, you can always go shorter — but you can’t go in the other direction…

    Come visit Holly Dear or me and we’ll get you taken care of. Do the braid on a different visit — you’ll want to show off your new ‘do as is.

    Personally, I can tell you I did the chop right before the launch of our new line of Dear Clark Hair Care products. I wanted an updated look. I love it! Since, a number of my clients have copied me…

    We’ve also posted it on our Facebook page to get more thoughts, advice & suggestions for you. Join the conversation!

    • Hi Kaycee, thank you for the link love! I would love to come see you, and I am totally up for something new (feeling a little adventurous…)

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