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for some reason i am always more motivated to be in the kitchen this time of year. i guess with the cozy holiday season upon us, it makes sense to want to add some delicious + comfortable recipes to the cheerfulness all around. but i feel unique in that, even though i do not have a huge comfort level in the kitchen, i am always much more motivated by trying new recipes as opposed to sticking with what i know (it does not hurt that all my favorite bloggers are awesome food photogs and i am very visual). i am not sure why this is, but i really do love the challenge and i always learn a lot with each new cooking adventure. so, i have composed a list of recipes i am excited to try in hopes that posting them here (hello, accountability) will give me the motivation to get in the kitchen and give them a shot. but tell me, are you a tried and true kind of cook or do you like to branch out as well? any favorites for the season i should add to my list?


baked brie and sweet potato bites // skillet brussels bacon mac n cheese // roasted broccolini grilled cheese // pumpkin oat pancakes // moroccan almond macaroons

Becca Tochman

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